New ESU book just published 2017

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The Emergence of Entrepreneurial Behaviour Intention, Education and Orientation

Edited by Susana C. Santos, António Caetano, Craig Mitchell, Hans Landström and Alain Fayolle. Published by Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2017.

This is the seventh book in the book series ‘European Research in Entrepreneurship’, which continues to contribute to advance entrepreneurship research in Europe.

In recent years entrepreneurship has become one of the most popular fields of research in management studies. As the subject has broadened, increasing attention has been paid to the behavioural aspects of different practices to identify and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. This timely book analyses three key strands of contemporary research into entrepreneurial behaviour: intention, education and orientation. It offers novel insights that can be applied to foster entrepreneurial activities in different settings.

The chapters in the book are divided into three parts. The contributors first focus on the entrepreneur as an individual and offer three innovative yet complementary approaches to entrepreneurial intentions. They go on to consider how entrepreneurial behaviour can be trained and learned, providing a much-needed theoretical anchor to pedagogical approaches in entrepreneurship. The final part covers entrepreneurial behaviour at the organizational level and expertly tackles the popular topic of entrepreneurial orientation through novel empirical studies with diverse methodologies and multiple levels of analysis.

Researchers and advanced students in management and entrepreneurship will benefit from the state-of-the-art analysis and innovative approaches presented. Entrepreneurship educators and policy-makers will also find this book to be stimulating reading, where they can find suggestions for an evidence-based practice.