• SHARE KNOWLEDGE and experiences in both entrepreneurship research and entrepreneurship education
  • CREATE NETWORKS PhD students can present their ideas in the scientific forum and work conjointly with European supervisors
  • research and doctoral education on entrepreneurship developing an European network, fed by European culture and rooted in their diversity and their specificities

ESU Concept

Entrepreneurship research and education

The main idea of the ESU – concept is to gather people with similar views and interests who have a strong desire to share their knowledge and experiences in both entrepreneurship research and entrepreneurship education. A core element of the concept is to develop an European network, fed by European culture and rooted in their diversity and their specificities to facilitate, promote and foster the research and, doctoral education on entrepreneurship.

“community in practice”

The ESU represents an academic “community in practice” that values democratic dialogue between PhD students, researchers and professors. It facilitates entrepreneurial learning and teaching research competences in entrepreneurship and stimulates cross-national and multidisciplinary research groups in Europe to work together to pose innovative research questions and projects to gain new understanding of entrepreneurship processes.


It offers a unique platform throughout the academic career from nascent PhD students to supervising professors to learn and work together in entrepreneurial holistic action and reflection-oriented processes. This takes place as interplay between a yearly conference, a four phase PhD programme, shared research activities and publication processes.

ESU conferences HISTORY

2002 France
2004 The Netherlands
2006 Finland
2008 Norway

First Conference inspired in the European Summer University (ESU) programme by the French Government

Biannual Conferences developed the concept of Doctoral Programme and helped consolidate the ESU Network during the initial stage

From 2008 onwards, the ESU Conference and Doctoral Programme is held annually, hosted by a member of the ESU Network



Each year the ESU – the European University Network on Entrepreneurship organizes a conference for PhD students, their supervisors and invited entrepreneurship researchers.

The ESU conference offers a unique opportunity for PhD students to meet and create their own networks, follow a PhD programme offering ECTS credits, present their research ideas in the international scientific forum and work on their doctoral dissertation conjointly with supervisors from all over the world.

In addition, the ESU Conference combine scientific sessions and cultural events allowing participants to discover the diversity and the cultural richness of different European regions. Thus supervisors, researchers and students will come together and implement new ways to promote entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour.

opportunity to meet and create their own network