Doctoral Programme

Four-phase PhD programme

First complete doctoral course in ESU was included at the Bodo Conference in 2008. It was a success and was further developed in subsequent conferences. As an outcome of these experiences, ESU has now developed the four-phase PhD programme for the whole life-cycle of PhD studies and early academic carrier.

The yearly ESU-conference offers the platform for this programme and integrates it to real publishing processes between the conferences. The continuous coaching process as well as teacher and expertise exchange between partner universities support sustainable networking and knowledge exchange between ESU-members.

Orientation Group

PhD students at the beginning of their studies who are still working with their Research Proposals

Work in Progress group

Second year students emphasizing the PhD course and the early phase of their research

Mature student group

Third year students focusing on the presentation and improvement of their papers

Academic career group

Early academic career for PhD students in the final phase of their studies, facilitating collaboration with research groups

These phases together integrate all aspects of the ESU-concept and support talented academics in different aspects of their academic career

Orientation Group Work in progress group Mature student group Academic Career Group
Relevant Themes in plenary: Research Proposal writing Doctoral course themes
How to publish
Career planning
Adv. methodology
How to cooperate within research projects
Presentations: Student presentation of research proposal Presentation of papers Paper presentation Research group presentations
Paper presentations
Cooperative activities: Coaching from Professors according to research area Smaller feedback groups with fellow students Advanced one-to-one feedback on paper from professor Ideas for ESU network research
Cooperation round tables
Follow-up activities after conference: Coaching in developing their research proposals Revision of paper for doctoral course credits
Proceedings publication
Proceedings publication
Special journal editions
Information on cooperative efforts
Doctoral courses participation: 6 Ects 6 Ects 6 Ects 6 Ects

The faculty of ESU-doctoral programme consists of professors from the ESU Network participating institutions, as well as some invited scholars.
In the past, the following academics have acted as faculty:

Professor Odd Jarl Borch, Bodø Graduate School of Business, Norway

Professor Alain Fayolle, Em Lyon Business School, France

Professor Benoìt Gailly, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium

Professor Paula Kyrö, Aalto University School of Business, Finland

Professor Hans Landström, Lund University, Sweden

Professor Francisco Liñán, University of Seville, Spain

Professor Tõnis Mets, University of Tartu, Estonia

Professor Maria Rosaria Napolitano, University of Sannio, Italy

Professor Helle Neergaard, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Ass. Professor Angelo Riviezzo, University of Sannio, Italy

Professor Virgínia Trigo, ISCTE Business School, Portugal

Professor Urve Venesaar, Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration, Estonia

Professor Spyros J. Vliamos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Professor David Watkins, Southampton Solent University, United Kingdom