Entrepreneurial Process Research Seminar

Author: Maria del Mar Álvarez Toledo

April 2nd-3rd, 2018 

University of Seville, Spain

The entrepreneurial process is a “hot” topic attracting increasing attention from researchers and PhD students around the world. More research in this topic is matched with increasing opportunities for publication in entrepreneurship journals, as well as in Special Issues in wider Business or Management journals. However, the competition for publication is fierce and crafting a perfectly rounded manuscript is essential to increase the chances of getting any paper accepted for publication in such outlets.

The aim of this Seminar is to help participants develop their research results into papers that may be fit for publication in top-tier academic journals. In order to achieve this aim, the seminar will benefit from the participation of a panel of well-reputed entrepreneurship scholars, who will present some of their recent contributions in the analysis of the entrepreneurial process, and will also review and comment the papers/extended abstracts submitted by the participants.

This seminar is developed in collaboration with the following institutions and projects from the University of Seville:

  • IUSEN: “Tomas de Mercado” Institute for Research in Economics and Business.
  • ELITE project: “Longitudinal study on the process of emergence of high-impact entrepreneurs” (Spanish National Research Plan. Ref.: ECO2016-75655-P).
  • Master in Economics and Development.

Participants will have the opportunity to present their research to the audience. They will not only receive general feedback from other participants, but also specific comments and suggestions from the panel scholars.

We aim to develop a fruitful and intimate working atmosphere. For this reason, we will limit the number of participants to an absolute maximum of 20.

For more information: All information about the Seminar is available here: Entrepreneurial Process Seminar